About Us





Bonita Wig Boutique is an online business headquartered in Mississippi. The company was founded by a recent HBCU graduate, Brie Kemp. Brie has been doing hair for friends and family since she was 14. She sought to make a small income while in college, majoring in entrepreneurship, and began to advertise her services. As a young adult, Brie often wanted to change her hair without all of the hassle, so she began to make herself wigs. Her friends and family began to notice her craft and made unit requests of their own. She then knew she wanted to make a business of this. We started business and received our LLC in July 2017. Our goal starting out was to make wigs for our local customers upon request. We have now grown to supply to all in reach of our website, while providing custom made wigs with quality hair. We seek to be affordable for the average person, while still being able to operate and profit. Bonita Wig Boutique is evolving and expanding everyday!